RMC_DG Voted Best Architect! (runner-up)

0 comments Thursday, April 11, 2013

         Thanks to all those who voted for us in Washington City Paper's Best of DC poll this year. We are very excited to report that we are a runner up for:

Best Architect

        We congratulate the winners Wiebenson & Dorman Architects PC (aka 410 Good Buddy?) and are flattered to share the runner up position with Fox Architects who are just slightly above our weight class.

        This award is very special to us because while we have been fortunate to have had several of Washington City Paper's "Best of DC" businesses as clients over the last few years and have worked closely with Allenbuilt Inc who has been consistently ranked as DC's Best Contractor, we have never had a category in which to compete for a title of our own.

         We will keep doing what we are doing and will look for your support again next year when we hope to be crowned Winner!

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Vote us Best Architect in Best of DC 2013 Poll!

0 comments Monday, February 18, 2013
Best of D.C.

We have been fortunate to have had several of Washington City Paper's "Best of DC" businesses as clients over the last few years, including Cakelove, Komi, Kim Weeks, and the owner of Tryst, The Diner, and Open City. Furthermore, we have been proud to do so while working on multiple design/build projects with AllenBuilt, Inc., who has been consistently ranked as DC's Best Contractor or a close runner-up for many years. This list has become a DC institution and while we have taken pride in being part of our clients success, we ourselves have not been been able to participate until this year when they introduced the category of

Best Architect.

We feel we have made a possitive impact on DC through our work with all our clients, including those who have previously been recognized as the Best of DC over the past 6 years. Our accessibility, tools, and talents set us apart and we feel this make us a strong candidate for the title of 2013's Best Architect in DC.

Vote for us and all your favorite venues and services today and encourage your friends and family to do so as well. Use the following link for quick & easy voting: http://goo.gl/JAIKB

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DC Home Renovation Images

0 comments Friday, November 5, 2010

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Augusta Project Featured in Richmond Mag

0 comments Monday, February 22, 2010
While of course we see ourselves as an essential component of the city in which we live, we were none the less very excited to find ourselves listed in the 2010 Sourcebook issue of Richmond Magazine.
The R. Michael Cross | Design Group was founded with a passion for sustainable design and has been working for the last year to show its accessibility to the average home owner via basic best building practices through the design of Richmond's First LEED Registered Home: the Augusta Project. To chronicle the process and reach out to the like minded and/or curious within the local community and beyond, we launched a blog dedicated to the Augusta Project. As it turns out, it was the blog that caught the attention of the folks at Richmond Magazine, as it has so many in Richmond who share our excitement about all things green.

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Solar Panels vs HOA

1 comments Friday, November 13, 2009

Architecture, be it commercial, residential, large, or small, is subject to a seemingly infinite amount of regulation. The regulations span from the pragmatic health, safety, and welfare regulations of the international building codes to the most ambiguous, subjective usually enforced by home owner associations(HOA) and community architectural review boards(CARB). Such groups range in their oversight and authority, but are in place to guarantee that the overall aesthetic and perceived value of a community is maintained.
One item that many communities have banned for years are solar panels, be they for hot water or electricity generation. Today, the fastest growing economy in this down market seems to be the "green" economy, and domestic solar may very well be the Prius of tomorrow. Even with solar powered homes leading the headlines of just about every real estate section, many homeowners are finding that their HOA and CARB prevent them from installing solar. Many groups have even forced homeowners to remove systems that where installed without community approval.
The authority to enforce restrictions on solar installations is quietly being taken way from HOAs and CARBs. To bolster their tax incentive programs for homeowners to invest in renewables, many states have enacted laws that prevent HOAs and CARBs from having the power to prevent citizens from installing solar panels.
Such legislation was introduced on a federal level in 2007 but seems to have died in committee. It is my understanding that the new, house-passed Energy and Climate Bill includes a provision which would have the same effect.
R. Michael Cross Design Group was proud to assist a client in Maryland this last week after he received a request from his CARB stating he had to remove his newly installed solar panels. Luckily, in the State of Maryland, Bill 117 denies HOAs and CARBs this authority.
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DC Kitchen Reno Images

0 comments Friday, October 2, 2009


It is not common for us to have images of a private residential job upon completion (that don't have the painters elbow in the frame or cardboard on the floor) so we are very excited to have received this set from the contractor, AllenBuilt, Inc.
You can learn more about this project by visiting our website and clicking on CNS_KT under the Residential section of the Work gallery.
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